The trade shows circuit is somewhat of an untapped goldmine in the world of business-to-business expansion and development. Of course companies that are selling a physical product such as foods, drinks, or clothing have been monopolizing on trade shows for years, but how can a B2B company really benefit? Start voluntarily giving away your trade secrets. That’s right; expose everything you know at no cost. Now this might seem like the exact opposite of what you would think was “selling” at a trade show, but in fact, volunteering your industry advice is one of the best ways to get your name out there.

Playing Tag Along

One of the initial ways to get involved in trade shows is to tag along (or act as a guide) for your companies. For instance, this year we will be attending the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore. We will be joining our two clients, Flax USA and Charmed Bar, on a whirlwind tour of how to really push their products. Along with helping in the design and set-up of their display booths, we will really help them in the marketing push. Placing the big sellers up front with our most attractive box displays and talking up how easy it would be for retailers to carry and sell the products is just the beginning.

This expo is one of our favorites every year because of its specific focus on the East Coast market and its’ organizer’s ability to bring in some really great buyers. In the past, we have had the opportunity to boost not only current client products, but launch new ones. The expo has provided a great test market to really see how the newest products will fare in the marketplace. And surprisingly, buyers are refreshingly honest with their reactions to new products.

Broadcasting Bevel

After we feel that our clients our fully taken care of and have really benefited from what the expo has to offer, we take the chance to walk around ourselves. Because we specialize in being a full service graphic design firm that can offer complete branding from logo & website design to bringing the product to market, we actually have a lot of opportunities for new business. While talking with companies that have products similar to those already in our portfolio, we can figure out how we can be that full service company for all categories. Without being that pushy, pick me, pick me company, we try to really show our stuff.

That voluntary exposure I was talking about before is what we are going to break into next. While talking with potential clients is great resource, it’s impossible to really gauge how responsive those companies will be to our efforts. Do you realize just how overwhelming an expo can be? You’re surrounded by thousands of overly eager salespeople that are just trying to make you sign on the dotted line.

So how can we get that exposure, with the full attention of potential clients? Education and keynote discussions. Everyone who attends the expo has the opportunity to sign up for numerous different programs that are offered. For the Natural Products Expo, businesses can attend talks from note-worthy authors and other successful business owners. But what if we offered something that would actually grow their business exponentially? Our talks would focus on how a company, such as Bevel, could be the best way for your business to enter the overwhelming retail marketplace.

Come Along For The Ride

We strive to be the kind of company that can connect the tech and design world to the one that you have created in your business. Of course you don’t need to understand ever line of code in your newly designed website, but you’ll need to know that our work is actually making changes that will better your business. This new direction in the world of expos will be a new venture for us, but it’s sure to be one that will teach us how to gain some great exposure and make a lasting impression with potential clients.