Whether it’s in our fridge at home or it’s a project at the office, we take beer very seriously here at Bevel. When scanning the aisles for a tasty brew, packaging is the first thing that draws you in. It might be the box, can, bottle label, or logo, but they all play an important role in getting a beer off the shelves and into your hands. We have helped build a craft look from the ground up for 2 clients in particular, both in the ever-growing beer industry.

But of course, it all starts with a logo: the identity of a brand. Here is a glimpse at our process.

Craft Malting Logo: Two Track Malting Company

“At Two Track Malting, we take pride knowing where our grain comes from, right down to our farmers’ two track roads.” Located in North Dakota, this family farm expressed how important it was to convey the land of barley country in their logo. Just as their motto suggests, they have a true passion for growing craft malt and providing brewers with a product that they can trace all the way back to the field.

The final logo, above, was approved after a few rounds of concepts and revisions. But before we landed on that, we provided the client with a variety of concepts (below) based on the look and feel they were trying to achieve. We also used the logo to build other branding pieces like brochures (above right), stickers, malt bags, and the website.

Packaging Design Process: Heavy Seas Brewing

We’ve been working with Baltimore company, Heavy Seas Brewing, for about 15 years now. Their illustration-based boxes, cans, labels, and logo have all been proudly created by Bevel. Our veteran illustrator, Scott Mattern, is behind all of the pirate and nautical themed sketches that start as the backbone for each design.

This process all starts with a name. Whether it’s Shipload, Cross Bones, Loose Cannon, or Riptide, the beer names provide us the inspiration to get started on a killer pirate design. Before the artwork is finalized and printed on the packaging, we spend time adding layers of grunge texture, rustic type, and vintage map graphics to complete the authentic pirate look.

Next time you find yourself wandering the beer aisles, check out the varieties of packaging and artwork that fill the shelves. Don’t forget to take a look at our designs while trying a delicious brew from Heavy Seas.