We are a team of marketing-savvy artists and branding experts.

We founded Bevel in 1995 to align our clients’ dreams with stellar design. We named ourself after the sliding T bevel, a hand tool used by generations of graphic designers to precisely lay out text and graphics. Our name reminds us of the need to be meticulous in our designs and our commitment to remain rooted in tradition as we push ourselves to stay on the cutting edge. By balancing these principles, we have brought out the best in hundreds of clients over two decades of service and are expecting to do so for hundreds more in the decades to come.

We Make Your Vision Real

We excel at actualizing your ambition. Be it packaging, print, or web, our team of design experts will work with you until we understand what you want, then we will put it in the palm of your hand. Making dreams come true isn’t magic, it’s what we can do for you with our decades of experience and passion.


We provide you with the personal attention you deserve. Our nimble team allows us to provide one-on-one boutique design services for all of our clients. You will work directly with our designers and owners to ensure that your voice is always heard and your needs are always met. No red tape, ever.