Boo! Bevel Takes The Scary Out Of Building a Brand Online

October 28, 2013 / Design, Marketing, Web /

Starting a new company or even revamping a mature company is a creature not to be messed with. When you start from scratch, your mind is overflowing like a witch’s cauldron with ideas and you don’t know where to edit. And when you’re trying to rebrand an existing business, a lot of the times the new ideas cover up the old ones like a mask. Oh yes, we’re taking that Halloween metaphor and running with it.

Here at Bevel, we take brand development and brand makeovers pretty seriously, especially when it comes to the visuals. Our web team has seen some pretty scary websites in the past and know how hard it is for many clients to see how much change needs to be made. With new businesses we like to have initial “getting to know you” meeting so we can get all of your super creative ideas on paper.

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Charming From Start To Finish

September 30, 2013 / Design, Package Design, Marketing /

Our newest client, CharmedBar, has given us one of the most rare opportunities in the graphic design business: full creative control. The founders of CharmedBar, Jen and Debbi, had created a very unique product and name, but not much else. They didn’t have any logos, colors, or packaging, so this gave us, the green light to get really creative.

Upon meeting with Jen and Debbi, we were given two design suggestions: chandeliers and Tiffany blue. This unique project gave Bevel the chance to work with a client from start to launch, including logos, illustration, packaging, branding, and web design. This introductory meeting resulted in the opportunity to work with everything Bevel offers as a full service graphic design firm.

We’ll Know If You Get Us Or Not

In April 2013, we began on our journey with CharmedBar. We started by building the imagery of the brand in the logo. Now we knew they liked Tiffany blue and chandeliers but you can’t just draw a dinky little chandelier, paint it Tiffany blue and there ya go, here’s your logo ladies!

As we talked about in our logo post, the logo should really be the personality of the company as a whole and for CharmedBar this means a lot of personality. This is a very unique brand that wants its customers to know about the nutritional benefits of their bars (without gluten, grain, dairy, soy, and refined sugars), but it should not be the reason you’re drawn to the product. We knew this as “toward pleasure, away from pain”. So we decided to combine the logo design, corporate ID, and packaging into one step. It may seem like we really complicated things, but when you’re starting from scratch you want to make sure your design can work with the packaging so you won’t have to redesign later. It’s always better to make sure your illustrations can work with multiple packages and displays rather than have to go back and adjust for every new package.

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Logo Design: Do You Have a Lazy Logo?

August 12, 2013 / Design /

The Image Driven Society
In today’s world of non-stop images on television, newspapers, and the Internet, the world of advertising has taken on an entirely different direction. We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements but what does it take to actually make the image stick?

The logo for your company has become much more than a colorful image paired with a catchy slogan, we have come to recognize logos as a full on representation of the brand. Your logo is now that first impression you give out to any potential customers. We’ve become a lot lazier when it comes to research or clicking through a website, so your logo should come before any description of the company. Especially for a graphic design company like us, our logo is the cover of the book, and clients will be judging.

Talk To Me, Baby
The logo needs to be something that is instantly recognizable and immediately ignites a reaction from the customer. Some of the most successful logos (Apple, Nike, & Target) don’t even have the brand name with it. As soon as you see that Nike swoosh you automatically think of those fancy new kicks you saw and most definitely need even though you haven’t worked out in a month. That’s the kind of connective reaction that you want to create. The logo isn’t just representing the brand, it’s a trigger mechanism to what the brand means to you.

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