Heavy Seas Beer

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

OK, we confess – we love beer. We love to drink beer, talk about beer and best of all design graphics for beer. When Hugh Sisson from Clipper City Brewing contacted us about bringing all his beer under the Heavy Seas brand (which we designed), we were ecstatic.

Clipper City and Bevel Design collaborated on uniting Clipper City’s beers under a single brand identity while building on the pirate/nautical theme and creating subtle visual separation for the three “fleets.”

Bevel Design wanted to capture a romantic feel like an action adventure movie poster but still maintain some “edginess” by utilizing the original Heavy Seas illustrations. We kept the cohesive look between fleets by using common background elements such as rustic wood, burnt edge parchment paper, scrolled nautical map and old-world handwritten and weathered typefaces. All reinforcing the high-quality, handcrafted, romantic image the brewery was seeking.