Designing Your Work World

November 11, 2013 / Inspiration, Design /

Today, we stumbled upon this great blog post from that sparked our interests in more than one way. The post displays seven unique environments that people call their “desks”.  Who knew so many people were spending precious hours on designing all these different desk ideas? We’ve all seen the epic fails facing the treadmill desk (video above from The Ellen Show) but how about really taking advantage of your workspace?

For those of you in the business world, you’ve probably seen every variation of the work environment: The OCD Master with everything in its’ right place (no touching!), The Dump where nothing has a place and they can never find anything, The Inspiring Atmosphere loaded with motivational quotes and of course your office Over-Sharer with pictures of their cats, dogs, children, grandparents, etc.…

But how does your workspace affect your work? Designers around our offices love to have a little bit of everything, whether it’s showcasing their best works or giving a nod to other designers they admire, the area you work in can either enhance or inhibit how your work is completed. Graphic designers and web developers always like to have everything they need at their fingertips. We need pens, pencils, markers, paper samples, rulers, and packaging mock ups galore so how can we keep it organized? Whether you can work from home in the comport of your puppy dog pajama pants like many freelancers or you have to wear a formal suite that probably costs more than the free-lancer’s salary, make sure you can get some quality work done in your world.

Take a look at the blog post and get some inspiration here