Charming From Start To Finish

September 30, 2013 / Design, Package Design, Marketing /

Our newest client, CharmedBar, has given us one of the most rare opportunities in the graphic design business: full creative control. The founders of CharmedBar, Jen and Debbi, had created a very unique product and name, but not much else. They didn’t have any logos, colors, or packaging, so this gave us, the green light to get really creative.

Upon meeting with Jen and Debbi, we were given two design suggestions: chandeliers and Tiffany blue. This unique project gave Bevel the chance to work with a client from start to launch, including logos, illustration, packaging, branding, and web design. This introductory meeting resulted in the opportunity to work with everything Bevel offers as a full service graphic design firm.

We’ll Know If You Get Us Or Not

In April 2013, we began on our journey with CharmedBar. We started by building the imagery of the brand in the logo. Now we knew they liked Tiffany blue and chandeliers but you can’t just draw a dinky little chandelier, paint it Tiffany blue and there ya go, here’s your logo ladies!

As we talked about in our logo post, the logo should really be the personality of the company as a whole and for CharmedBar this means a lot of personality. This is a very unique brand that wants its customers to know about the nutritional benefits of their bars (without gluten, grain, dairy, soy, and refined sugars), but it should not be the reason you’re drawn to the product. We knew this as “toward pleasure, away from pain”. So we decided to combine the logo design, corporate ID, and packaging into one step. It may seem like we really complicated things, but when you’re starting from scratch you want to make sure your design can work with the packaging so you won’t have to redesign later. It’s always better to make sure your illustrations can work with multiple packages and displays rather than have to go back and adjust for every new package.

On To The Next

After narrowing down the first five logos designs to one final choice, we began really building the brand identity. Each bar in the CharmedBar line has it’s own personality or character. So we wanted each package and copy (description of the bar) to really give a description of the character. The flavor character will, in turn, represent the personality of the buyers. Is the buyer a romantic, playful, or enchanting? Don’t worry; they’ve got the bar for them.

Now that the brand and product identities were captured, we kept moving forward with building the visuals for the company. Starting with the Point of Sale Box, or Display Box, we had to make sure the brand was truly represented in its’ visual displays. In a snack brand, the display box is what first captures the buyer’s attention. Look at the snack aisle in any nationwide retail store. How can you make your product stand out compared to all of these other brands? By using unique colors, patterns and fonts, you want your product to look nothing like the rest. You may not realize it at first, but a lot of market research goes into the packaging. You want to figure out the trends in packaging and displays within your competition and make sure your product is completely different.

Was It Worth It?

You don’t even know. We knew the CharmedBar ladies had a great product, but who knew that everyone else would be as obsessed as we are? After printing new trade show materials and sale sheets everyday of the expo, we all realized this was going to be something big. There was an overwhelming amount of interest and support from numerous nationwide retailers at the show. We must say, working with CharmedBar was a great experience for us and it’s really fulfilling to see how our designs can make or break the growth of a company. Now start filling those orders ladies!