Designing Your Work World

November 11, 2013 / Inspiration, Design /

Today, we stumbled upon this great blog post from that sparked our interests in more than one way. The post displays seven unique environments that people call their “desks”.  Who knew so many people were spending precious hours on designing all these different desk ideas? We’ve all seen the epic fails facing the treadmill desk (video above from The Ellen Show) but how about really taking advantage of your workspace?

For those of you in the business world, you’ve probably seen every variation of the work environment: The OCD Master with everything in its’ right place (no touching!), The Dump where nothing has a place and they can never find anything, The Inspiring Atmosphere loaded with motivational quotes and of course your office Over-Sharer with pictures of their cats, dogs, children, grandparents, etc.…

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Embracing the Competition

As Bevel Design has embarked on our newest venture in social media, we’ve noticed how useful working with our competition can be to the growth of our web presence. By liking competitors on Facebook, following them on Twitter and Google+, and scanning their profile on LinkedIn, we can see what’s out there and where we need to be moving forward.

Sharing is Caring, My Friends

This got us thinking, how can B2C (business to customer) companies use this theory to help their business? An ancient theory of business used to be the thought that you should keep everything behind closed doors. Never show your hand to the competitors because they’ll copy you right away and they’ll know your next move. Nowadays, why can’t we just share everything?

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