Crafting Great Beer: Logos & Packaging

Whether it’s in our fridge at home or it’s a project at the office, we take beer very seriously here at Bevel. When scanning the aisles for a tasty brew, packaging is the first thing that draws you in. It might be the box, can, bottle label, or logo, but they all play an important role in getting a beer off the shelves and into your hands. We have helped build a craft look from the ground up for 2 clients in particular, both in the ever-growing beer industry.

But of course, it all starts with a logo: the identity of a brand. Here is a glimpse at our process.

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A Little Nip Here and a Little Tuck There

March 12, 2014 / Design, Marketing, Corporate ID, Web / gets a facelift.

First off, we’d like to apologize for our lack of social interaction. For the past couple of months, Bevel has been doing some self-reflection, some soul searching. Maybe it was the copious amounts of snow, ice and cold Baltimore has seen this winter, but no worries, we’re back and better than ever.

Spring is about to…well, “spring” and the Bevel Design website has blossomed. Cabin fever had set in and now it’s time for this site to see the light of day. Just as the caterpillar blossoms into a beautiful butterfly, our online home has also had a major metamorphosis. Our web development and design team has been working like crazy to shed our old skin and make room for some necessary changes. And although caterpillars are kind of cute, we wanted to be that beautiful butterfly.

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Embracing the Competition

As Bevel Design has embarked on our newest venture in social media, we’ve noticed how useful working with our competition can be to the growth of our web presence. By liking competitors on Facebook, following them on Twitter and Google+, and scanning their profile on LinkedIn, we can see what’s out there and where we need to be moving forward.

Sharing is Caring, My Friends

This got us thinking, how can B2C (business to customer) companies use this theory to help their business? An ancient theory of business used to be the thought that you should keep everything behind closed doors. Never show your hand to the competitors because they’ll copy you right away and they’ll know your next move. Nowadays, why can’t we just share everything?

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What is Corporate ID? Let’s See Some ID Mister

August 22, 2013 / Design, Corporate ID /

How to Define You

Corporate Identification simply put, is defining the overarching image of your company as seen by the public, customers, competitors, and employees. This means, you want your company to be seen in a consistent and uniform manner that always clearly represents your company culture.

Internal Versus External Branding

Before you expose all the company’s dirty laundry, you want to start internally first. Gaining some quality control on the inside is the first step in compiling your corporate ID. You want to be positive that your employees know how the company should be represented in all formats. Whether it’s print, web, or even using the logo to slap on the back of a company softball t-shirt, there should be strict guidelines as to how the name & logo can be used.

The company guidelines manual is one of the most important introductory materials given to all of the employees. While of course those outdated training videos that are still on VHS are very informative, the brand identity packet will become much more useful for day-to-day work for the employees. It will include regulations on logo manipulation and format, company colors, typography, letterheads, stationary, and even apparel. Although a lot of the standards may seem pretty basic or common sense, you never know when someone will want to use their creative license and completely transform your logo.

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