Boo! Bevel Takes The Scary Out Of Building a Brand Online

October 28, 2013 / Design, Marketing, Web /

Starting a new company or even revamping a mature company is a creature not to be messed with. When you start from scratch, your mind is overflowing like a witch’s cauldron with ideas and you don’t know where to edit. And when you’re trying to rebrand an existing business, a lot of the times the new ideas cover up the old ones like a mask. Oh yes, we’re taking that Halloween metaphor and running with it.

Here at Bevel, we take brand development and brand makeovers pretty seriously, especially when it comes to the visuals. Our web team has seen some pretty scary websites in the past and know how hard it is for many clients to see how much change needs to be made. With new businesses we like to have initial “getting to know you” meeting so we can get all of your super creative ideas on paper.

Not that we don’t love everything you’ve already come up with, but we will spend a lot of time editing and making those ideas a little more realistic. Sure, we wish your website could have a laser light show and smoke like Pink Floyd too…we’ll get right on that. We want as much input as we can get from our clients so they can really start to visualize what they’ve been imagining for all this time. Taking those ideas and making them come to fruition is where we shine.

And what about if you already have a website and you just want to bring it up to today’s standards? That’s actually a lot more work than you may have imagined, so Matt (our web guy) might end up with a few choice words for his Mac. Those scary sites are usually our biggest challenge, but trying to fix all the bugs and create an exciting user experience is why you called us. And that’s all part of the process in building your brand. It shouldn’t be a daunting process that you push off to end of your to-do list because we’re here to make the transition seamless for you.