What is Corporate ID? Let’s See Some ID Mister

August 22, 2013 / Design, Corporate ID /

How to Define You

Corporate Identification simply put, is defining the overarching image of your company as seen by the public, customers, competitors, and employees. This means, you want your company to be seen in a consistent and uniform manner that always clearly represents your company culture.

Internal Versus External Branding

Before you expose all the company’s dirty laundry, you want to start internally first. Gaining some quality control on the inside is the first step in compiling your corporate ID. You want to be positive that your employees know how the company should be represented in all formats. Whether it’s print, web, or even using the logo to slap on the back of a company softball t-shirt, there should be strict guidelines as to how the name & logo can be used.

The company guidelines manual is one of the most important introductory materials given to all of the employees. While of course those outdated training videos that are still on VHS are very informative, the brand identity packet will become much more useful for day-to-day work for the employees. It will include regulations on logo manipulation and format, company colors, typography, letterheads, stationary, and even apparel. Although a lot of the standards may seem pretty basic or common sense, you never know when someone will want to use their creative license and completely transform your logo.

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Logo Design: Do You Have a Lazy Logo?

August 12, 2013 / Design /

The Image Driven Society
In today’s world of non-stop images on television, newspapers, and the Internet, the world of advertising has taken on an entirely different direction. We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements but what does it take to actually make the image stick?

The logo for your company has become much more than a colorful image paired with a catchy slogan, we have come to recognize logos as a full on representation of the brand. Your logo is now that first impression you give out to any potential customers. We’ve become a lot lazier when it comes to research or clicking through a website, so your logo should come before any description of the company. Especially for a graphic design company like us, our logo is the cover of the book, and clients will be judging.

Talk To Me, Baby
The logo needs to be something that is instantly recognizable and immediately ignites a reaction from the customer. Some of the most successful logos (Apple, Nike, & Target) don’t even have the brand name with it. As soon as you see that Nike swoosh you automatically think of those fancy new kicks you saw and most definitely need even though you haven’t worked out in a month. That’s the kind of connective reaction that you want to create. The logo isn’t just representing the brand, it’s a trigger mechanism to what the brand means to you.

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