March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

Feature Flooring has been installing seamless marble and quartz epoxy resin flooring for over 15 years. Their proprietary product is a superior alternative to commercial tile floors with very little competition and huge growth potential, nationally and globally. However, they lacked the brand strategy and appearance to match its quality.
Bevel designed a total rebrand starting with a name change which quickly defined two of the key attributes of the product – speed and durability. Black and yellow were chosen as the corporate colors to instantly command visual attention and enhance readability. Consistent marketing copy was established to better communicate the product’s unique features and benefits which set it apart from the competition. The rebrand included all visual components of the corporation.

Heavy Seas Beer

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

OK, we confess – we love beer. We love to drink beer, talk about beer and best of all design graphics for beer. When Hugh Sisson from Clipper City Brewing contacted us about bringing all his beer under the Heavy Seas brand (which we designed), we were ecstatic.

Clipper City and Bevel Design collaborated on uniting Clipper City’s beers under a single brand identity while building on the pirate/nautical theme and creating subtle visual separation for the three “fleets.”

Bevel Design wanted to capture a romantic feel like an action adventure movie poster but still maintain some “edginess” by utilizing the original Heavy Seas illustrations. We kept the cohesive look between fleets by using common background elements such as rustic wood, burnt edge parchment paper, scrolled nautical map and old-world handwritten and weathered typefaces. All reinforcing the high-quality, handcrafted, romantic image the brewery was seeking.

Flax USA

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

We met the Stober family at a food tradeshow in San Diego and I suppose you could say the rest is history. The Stobers have been producing quality flax products since 1901 but lacked a brand that stood out at retail.

Bevel Design created two brands, one for the “big box” stores (Flax USA) and one for the Ma and Pa shops of the world (Stober Farms). We wanted both brands to be similar to each other but clearly different from the competition. No beige backgrounds and rustic fonts to get lost with all the other “granola” looking competitors. Instead, a crisp, clean approach with quick read health benefits and appetizing serving suggestions helps to educate and communicate a product that is up and coming to most consumers.

NOVA Transportation Services

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

Based in Washington, DC, Nova requested a more sophisticated site to cater to their governmental clientele. The revamp of the site included a new logo, a conservative corporate color pallet, and professional, classic photography that highlighted areas of their expertise. The achieved result was a site that looks clean and corporate, yet elegant, which puts them head and shoulders above the gaudy, confusing sites of their competitors.

Maryland Pump & Tank

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

MP&T had a long standing reputation as the most respected petroleum equipment contractor in Maryland but with little graphic presence to visually communicate that fine reputation. Our goal was to give them a brand that epitomized their Maryland roots and matched their superior reputation.

The 2 identical intersecting geometric squares represent MP&T’s installation and service business segments. The 2 squares along with the letterforms are in the colors of the state flag of Maryland, where the company was founded and still operates. The intersection of the two squares create a stylized petroleum droplet, communicating the company’s ongoing commitment to the highest level of installation, service and compliance in the petroleum industry. Without the intersection creating the transparent center the droplet doesn’t exist and the petro doesn’t flow.

Logan’s View Winery

March 3, 2013 / Case Study /

Logan’s View Winery was conceived by a group of friends, (18 to be exact) all with a common passion for quality hand-crafted wine making. They all live in the rolling hills and farmland of southern York County, Pennsylvania where fertile soil means bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables including grapes. Each partner takes part in the entire wine making process from harvesting to bottling and everything in between.

Bevel Design created the distinctive Logan’s View brandmark to recollect an old wax seal or pottery maker’s mark reinforcing the fact that their wine is “by the people for the people” – quality varietals, fruits and unique blends, but still affordable.

Logan’s View appearance is casual yet elegant and distinctive – utilizing original hand drawn illustrations depicting the wine’s geographic origin.